This website is devoted to the celebration of the Himalayan Blue Poppy, the most alluring, the most sought after of garden plants. It is, as Vita Sackville-West put it, “the dream of every gardener”.

It is the most alluring due to its sheer beauty, its perfect poise and the astonishing clarity of the blue. It is the most sought after because it is rarely seen and widely thought to be impossible to grow, listed even by experts as a formidable challenge.

This website also portrays many of the relatives of the Blue Poppy; other species within the genus Meconopsis, found in a rainbow of colour at elevations above 10,000 ft. in the mountains of central Asia, from the Hindu Kush, eastward to central China. Collectively, these plants are commonly known as Asiatic Poppies.

Meconopses belong to the poppy family (papaveraceae), but they are not true poppies (papaver), which are mainly native to North America and Europe. The name meconopsis comes from Greek, and means “poppy-like.” (The word papaver is Latin and was the name given to the poppy in ancient Rome. It is thought to represent the sound of poppy seeds being chewed!)

This website is also an introduction to three books:

Blue Heaven: Encounters with the Blue Poppy”,
Beyond Beauty: Hunting the Wild Blue Poppy”, and
Beauty by Design: Inspired Gardening in the Pacific Northwest”.

I also invite you to view my photo gallery of this most exquisite and intriguing plant.

The Carefree Garden
The Carefree Garden
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